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Global Warming : Master plan to end Global Warming

Global Warming : Master plan to end Global Warming 

Global Warming: Thermal image of world
Global Warming: Thermal image of world

Scientists at Cambridge University have planned a research center where new ways can be found to save this earth.

In this research, such methods will be discovered by which the melting ice of the poles can be re-deposited and carbon dioxide can be removed from the atmosphere.

A center is being built for this because at present,the steps being taken to curb the increasing effects of Global Warming on the earth are inadequate.

This initiative has been taken by Professor Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Advisor to the British Government.

He told, "Whatever we do in the coming 10 years will determine the future of mankind for the next ten thousand years." There is no such center in this world, let us focus on this very important subject. ''

Cambridge University climate scientist Dr. Emily Shuckberg said, "The mission of the new center should be to solve the climate problem and we cannot fail."

The Center for Climate Repair is part of the University of Cambridge's Carbon Neutral Futures Initiative, headed by Dr. Shuckberg.

This campaign will bring together social scientists, scientists and engineers.

Dr. Shuckberg told "This is indeed one of the most important challenges of our time, and we know that we need to answer it with all our efforts.

Global Warming: Stabilized climate
Global Warming: Stabilized climate

Global Warming : Re-freezing of poles

One of the most effective steps in trying to freeze snow at the poles is to "brighten" the clouds over them.

For this, very unmanned vessels will be pumped through extremely thin hose and sea water will be pulled from the pump.

This will bring salt particles into the tube. These salt will be transported to the clouds. This will allow clouds to reflect heat even more.
Global Warming: Refreezing pols
Global Warming: Refreezing pols

Global Warming : Recycling CO2

Another important way to deal with climate change is 'carbon capture and storage' which is called CCS.

In CCS, carbon dioxide extracted from coal or gas is collected from power stations or steel plants and stored underground.

Capture and Utilization (CCU) is developing by Prof. Peter Staring from the University of Sheffield Carbon a pilot scheme with Tata Steel in Port Talbot, South Wales, which effectively recycling CO2.

According to Prof. Staring, the plan will set up a plant that will convert the firm's carbon emissions into fuel. They said. "We have a source of hydrogen, we have a source of carbon dioxide, we have a source of heat. We will generate renewable energy through this. We are going to make synthetic fuels."
Global Warming: Recycling of CO2
Global Warming: Recycling of CO2

Global Warming : Greenery in the sea

One of these measures is to make the sea lanes green. So that they can take more CO2.

Such schemes include fertilizing the sea with iron particles. Which promotes the growth of marine vegetation.

According to the Prof. Callum Roberts of York University, the measures that have come out in the present are beyond the limits but if possible they should be acted upon immediately.

This is because preventing damage and possibly irreversible climate change is considered beyond limits.

"At the beginning of my career, people raised their hands on suggestions of solutions to improve the coral leaf. Now all options have come up."

The effect of seaside acids can be reduced only by these heat resistant corals and vegetation.

He adds, "At the moment, I think using nature to reduce climate change is a better way. But I am seeing more effective steps to take us forward towards a better future. ''

Global Warming: Greenery in sea
Global Warming: Greenery in sea

Global Warming : Thinking that is unimaginable

There is a possibility of many failures in this type of idea as well as it can prove to be impractical.

But Prof. Peter Wathams of Ocean Physics at the University of Cambridge believes that these options should be evaluated correctly. So that its loss can be avoided.

They believe that this problem can no longer be tackled by reducing carbon emissions.

He said, "Even if we reduce all kinds of carbon emissions, even then only the pace of global warming can be slowed down. This will not do anything special because this earth itself has become extremely hot. In this case only the climate report will be effective."
Global Warming: Graphic evaluation of Carbon Emission
Global Warming: Graphic evaluation of Carbon Emission

Melting ice in the Arctic is a good thing, new routes of trade will be made - America

Due to America's objections to climate change, a difficult situation has arisen in front of the ongoing Arctic Conference in Finland.

According to the representatives of the Arctic countries present in the conference, all the Arctic countries wanted to issue a joint statement after the meeting but due to the objections of America, they could not do so.

This was the first time in the Arctic Committee formed in 1996 when they refused to issue their joint statement.

Timo Kovurova, a representative of Finland, said, "The rest of the countries feel that they cannot put the climate change idea in strong terms."

International concern is being expressed that due to climate change, the temperature in the Arctic region is increasing at twice the speed of the rest of the world.

On Monday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave a speech at this conference held in Rovaniemi of northern Finland.

In his speech, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, instead of expressing concern over the melting of ice in the Arctic sea, called it a good and welcome sign.

He said, "The melting of frozen ice in the sea will open up new avenues for trade.This will make it easier to travel between western countries and Asia by sea and in more than 20 days we will reach from one end to the other." 

Mr. Pompeo also said that these trade routes built on the Arctic sea could become the Suez and Panama Canal of the 21st century.

With this, he surprised everyone and also canceled his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Morkel on Tuesday.

Global Warming : Environmental challenge

Global Warming: Tipping Point
Global Warming: Tipping Point

All scientists and ecologists have been warning about the continuous melting of ice in the Arctic. Due to this, not only is there a threat to the polar bear and sea creatures living there, but it is also increasing the sea level and increasing the chances of submergence in the waters of the coastal areas.

Along with this, he has also been warning that if there is more traffic through the Arctic, pollution will increase in this area which will prove to be harmful for the creatures living in the Arctic.

The Architect Council includes the United States, Canada, Russia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. All these countries hold a conference every other year to discuss the economic and environmental challenges related to the Arctic.

News agency Reuters quoted sources as saying that the United States stopped the joint statement of the conference because it had to be told about the huge damage done to the Arctic due to climate change.

In 2017, United States President Donald Trump separated from the United States with the Paris Climate Agreement, a total of 200 countries were involved in this agreement.

At the Arctic Conference, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took a tough stand on China and Russia, accusing both of these countries of continuing infiltration into the Arctic region.

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