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Oppo K3 Full review

Oppo K3 Review: Is there a better option than the Redmi Note 7 Pro and Vivo Z1 Pro in the Oppo 3 market at an initial price of Rs 16,990? Let's know ..

It seems that handset manufacturer companies launching Android smartphones are trying to remove Notch from the front panel of the phone. Recently several budget smartphones have been launched which have been launched with a hole-punch or all-screen display. One good thing is that the Redmi K20 (review) and Realme X (review) are not so expensive either. Oppo has also recently launched its Oppo K3 smartphone and is very similar to Realme's current flagship Realme X.

In India, Oppo K3 has also been launched in the same price segment as Realme X in the price segment. In both devices you will only see the difference between design, RAM, storage and rear camera. Is there a better option than the initial price of 16,990 rupees in Oppo K3 market compared to the Redmi Note 7 Pro and Vivo Z1 Pro? Let's know ...

Oppo K3: design

Oppo K3 design
This is not the first time we have seen similarities in design between Oppo and Realme phones. The length and width and weight of both phones are also equal. Due to the laminated back panel, the spots also fall easily but we did not see much marks of scratch during the review. The polycarbonate body of Oppo K3 looks premium and strong.

The placement of the button is also similar compared to Realme X. Dual-SIM tray is provided on the right side of the phone but there is no option to increase storage. Single speaker, USB Type-C port and headphone jack have been given a pop-up selfie camera at the bottom of the phone, while at the middle of the upper part of the phone. Sapphire glass has been used to protect the sensor.

Oppo K3 has a 6.5-inch Amoled display that comes with full-HD + resolution. There is also Gorilla Glass to protect the screen. Colors look good on the Amoled panel and the brightness of the phone is also good. In-display fingerprint sensor for security, which unlocks the phone faster.

Oppo K3 Super Amoled Screen
Oppo K3 Super Amoled Screen
There are two color variants of Oppo K3  an Aurora Blue (for our review) and the second Z Black. In the phone you will find dual-tone finish of purple and magenta color which looks great in appearance and due to lamination, when light comes on it, cool visual patterns are visible. In the retail box, you will find a Wook 3.0 fast charger, USB Type-C cable, case, SIM eject tool.

Oppo K3 : Specifications and software 

Oppo K3 Specification & Software
Oppo K3 Specification & Software
Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor has been given in Oppo K3, this chipset provides good CPU and GPU performance. Two variants of Oppo K3 have been launched, one with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, which costs Rs 16,990. Second, with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage, the price is 19,990 rupees.

We got 64 GB storage variants for review, which has a lot of space. Oppo K3 includes dual 4G VoLTE, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 AC, Bluetooth version 5, USB-OTG, GPS support. The phone does not have a notification LED but you can enable Always-On Screen, on which you will see Clock, Missed Call Alert and SMS only.

Oppo K3 has FM radio but remember that Realme X does not have FM radio. This phone of the Oppo brand runs on ColorOS 6 based on Android 9 Pie. Our review unit is running on July Android security patches. The interface is easy to use and has several shortcuts and gestures in it, which we had recently seen in Realme X.

The Dolby Atmos Boy Dual in Oppo K3 is enabled when the phone speaker is used. ColorOS does not send you wasted notifications but the Oppo App Store app sends you notifications but you can also disable them by going to the app settings. In the phone, you will already get some third party apps pre-installed like NewsPoint, UC Browser, Dailyhunt etc. but you can also uninstall them if you want.

Oppo K3 : performance and battery life

Oppo K3 Battery Performance
Oppo K3 Battery Performance
If the phone is heavy in pocket, it is not easy to use the phone with one hand. We recently reviewed Reality X and now after reviewing Oppo K3, we found the common experience very similar. Occupation occasionally slips from Oppo K3 hands but Venus has given a case in the retail box that helps keep hold on the phone.

Oppo K3 runs Android well and we did not complain of the phone being hot. During gaming the phone was warmer The Snapdragon 710 processor in Oppo K3 has good integrated graphics capability. Asphalt 9: Both Legends and PUBG Mobile games performed well on high graphics settings.

It can be difficult to use a large display for general use, but you will have a good experience watching movies or playing games on Oppo K3. The Amoled Panel looks good with content on the display with good color saturates and high brightness. Apart from this, a speaker with Dolby Atmos makes good and loud sound.

The ejection and retention mechanism in the pop-up camera is intense, through which the foam detective works well. The light of the screen in low light helps to unlock your phone. The 3,765 mAH battery has been given to lift the Oppo K3, the Realme X also has the same capacity battery.

The results of our battery loop test are also very similar. In our HD Video Loop Test Oppo K3 gave 14 hours and 46 minutes, and the phone played with more than one day for normal use. The fast charger, which comes with the phone, charges between 0 and 52 percent for the phone in half an hour and then charges up to 91 percent in one hour.

Oppo K3 : camera

Oppo K3 Pop Up Selfie Camera
Oppo K3 Pop Up Selfie Camera
The rear camera of this Oppo K3  phone is slightly different than that of Realme X. Oppo K3 has a 16-megapixel primary camera, which has an aperture F / 1.7. There is also a depth-scanning camera of 2 megapixels for use in portrait mode. The autofocus system in Oppo K3 is fast and does not take much time to lock the focus on the subject.

Photos are saved quickly as soon as you click the shutter button Oppo K3. The details were well captured in landscape shots taken in daylight, saturation was good in the colors and HDR handles the exposure well. Oppo K3 camera app also has the chroma boost feature which we have seen in the phone of Realme, in which it has been called Dazzle Color. Sharpness and detail were well captured in close-up shots, though AI's camera boosts the primary colors.

Indoor photos taken in artificial light were also good of Oppo K3. The details were well captured, Oppo K3 colors also looked good and there was no Joyce in the photos. Focusing speed was also good. While shooting outdoors at night, the photos were good but there was a lack of detail. This problem of Oppo K3 is corrected by the night shooting mode, which complements Brightness in the dark area, fixes the over-exposed area and fixes the lack of detail in the scene.

Oppo K3 has a 16-megapixel selfie camera, which captures good selfies even when shooting in contrast to light. HDR is very effective but the camera struggles in good detail capture in low light. The default beautification setting Oppo K3 is slightly aggressive in smoothening the skin.

Talking about the video, Oppo K3 is able to record up to 3 4K resolution but without any stabilization. Oppo K3 Image quality is good but colors look a little boost. Continuous autofocus is also fast and there was no problem while switching between two subjects. Stabilization is available at 1080p which works well. In low light the picture quality is average.

Oppo K3 : Our decision

Oppo K3 is a good all-rounder phone. We have 64 GB storage variants, which is equal to the base variant of Reality X, while on the other hand, the price of 6 GB RAM variants of Oppo K3 is similar to the 4 GB RAM variants of Reality X. The cameras are different in both devices but our experience has been very close to the Oppo K3 smartphone Realme X's camera performance.

In between the base models of both, we like Realme X because of course you will get a little less RAM but storage is double. Remember that Oppo K3 also does not get the option to increase the storage. Oppo K3 counterpart handsets Redmi Note 7 Pro and Vivo Z1 Pro can also offer you more storage and the option to increase storage in the same price segment.

Oppo K3 is an online exclusive phone and is available for sale on Amazon only. On the other hand, Realme X is also sold through Flash Cells and it can also be available offline for Realme offline store. Let's say that the top variants of Oppo have RAM and storage equal to Realme X.

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