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Xiaomi Mi A3 Review

Xiaomi Mi A3 Review: Should You Buy This Smartphone?

Xiaomi Mi A3
Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi Mi A3 Review - If you want to use stock Android, then you will like this new smartphone of Xiaomi. But apart from this, does this smartphone meet the other department?  Read my review ..

When Xiaomi Mi A1 was launched in India, people were very excited. This smartphone was not a MIUI, but a stock Android one. The design was also very good, metal design was kept. The camera is also excellent. It became very popular in India. However, it was not as popular as expected from the Xiaomi Mi A2. Now has come the Xiaomi Mi A3. This smartphone can be called the most major upgrade in the Mi A series so far.

The design of the Xiaomi Mi A3 is completely different, the camera module is different and the display is also different. The similarity is just one and that is stock Android. In Quick Review, we will tell you how this Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone works and how our experience has been after using it for some time.

The Price of Xiaomi Mi A3 is starts from Rs 12,999 – 15,999.The three vibrant colours of Xiaomi Mi A3 More than White, Not just Blue and Kind of Grey

Xiaomi Mi A3 Design and Build Quality

Xiaomi Mi A3 Design and Build Quality
Xiaomi Mi A3 Design and Build Quality

Gorilla Glass has been given on the front and rear panels of Xiaomi Mi A3. The frame is not of metal. The plastic has a chrome finish. It looks like steel with a chrome finish, but it is clear to use that it is plastic. Nowadays, companies are doing similar experiments instead of metal frames, which is not good at all.

The rear panel of Xiaomi Mi A3 seems quite premium, but if you look at it carefully, especially Xiaomi Mi A3's frame, it does not seem to be premium. Water drop style notch has been given in the display of Xiaomi Mi A3. There are three cameras on the rear panel of Xiaomi Mi A3, one is an LED flash light. Xiaomi has been written in the rear bottom of the Xiaomi Mi A3 phone and Android One branding has been given on one side.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 phone is curved from the rear and easy to hold. On the right side of Xiaomi Mi A3 is the home button with volume rocker keys and at the bottom there is a speaker grill with USB Type C jack. This time the Xiaomi  has given a headphone jack and it is upwards. Talk about the front, the water drop style notch has been given above and the bezels are less, but the bottom bezel is thicker in Xiaomi Mi A3.

The build quality is good and we have used the white variant of Xiaomi Mi A3, so its good thing is that the rear panel is not a fingerprint magnet.

Xiaomi Mi A3 :The Display

Xiaomi Mi A3 Display
Xiaomi Mi A3 Display

Xiaomi Mi A3 has a 6.08-inch display. Res 720 X 1560. The display is faded. The Xiaomi has used HD Plus display. In this segment, now all companies need to give better display. The surprising thing is that the display of Xiaomi Mi A1Xiaomi Mi A2 was better than Xiaomi Mi A3. But in previous models, the Xiaomi used LCD panel and this time AMOLED panel has been given in Xiaomi Mi A3, which can be called a good upgrade.

The Pixel Density of Xiaomi Mi A3 is 300 ppi while using it, the fade of Xiaomi Mi A3 display is clearly visible. The Xiaomi Mi A3 screen is bright, it is colorful, the viewing angle is also good. In terms of display, this Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone is the average.

Xiaomi Mi A3 : Performance and software

Xiaomi Mi A3 Performance and Software
Xiaomi Mi A3 Performance and Software

Xiaomi Mi A3 has Android Pie based Android One. There are no bloatware. Google has its own apps and Mi community App. The Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 665. Snapdrgon 660 was given in the Xiaomi Mi A2. This Xiaomi Mi A3 phone has two variants in India. The top variant has 128GB of internal storage with 6GB of RAM, while the base variant has 64GB of storage with 4GB of RAM.

This time the Xiaomi has given an under display fingerprint scanner which is in the bottom of Xiaomi Mi A3. Under display fingerprint scanner works faster. The good thing is that it has not failed even once in use till now. The top variant of Xiaomi Mi A3 has been reviewed and no lag was seen during this time. Multi-tasking can also be done comfortably in Xiaomi Mi A3. There is no lag in app loading, app switching as well. The Xiaomi Mi A3 phone does not hang.

I have played PUBG in this Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone for about an hour. The Xiaomi Mi A3 phone does not heat up. If you play PUBG at the maximum in Xiaomi Mi A3 then you will feel a little lag. However, if you play PUBG in low quality, then Xiaomi Mi A3 fast response is also tremendous. I have also used Realme 5 which has Snapdragon 665 and here too there were some difficulties in gaming, especially in playing on maximum settings.

If using average. Apps, social media, email, videos and photography, so the Xiaomi Mi A3 phone will not slow down and neither will you feel lag. Even if you do not add headphones during gaming, the speaker of the Xiaomi Mi A3 phone works well and the audio quality of the Xiaomi Mi A3 will definitely impress you.

Xiaomi Mi A3 software updates will be available further, as it is Android One platform.

Xiaomi Mi A3 :The camera

Xiaomi Mi A3 Camera
Xiaomi Mi A3 Camera

In terms of Xiaomi Mi A3 camera, the Xiaomi Mi A1 is far ahead of the Xiaomi Mi A2. It has three rear cameras and a 32 megapixel selfie camera in Xiaomi Mi A3. Talking about the Xiaomi Mi A3 rear camera setup, the primary camera is 48 megapixels. The second lens is of 8 megapixels and a 2 megapixels depth sensing camera has been given in Xiaomi Mi A3. Features like LED flash, HDR, AI mode are given.

Xiaomi Mi A3 camera is good in this price range. There is no problem in outdoor photography and the pictures are good clicks from Xiaomi Mi A3. Details are also seen in the photo. Portrait mode works fine if it has good light, otherwise it is an average. Fails to identify background and foreground properly. By going into the camera interface of Xiaomi Mi A3, you would have to enable 48 megapixels, then you will be able to use the main camera of 48 megapixels.

Xiaomi Mi A3 camera interface is similar to other smartphones of the Mi A series, Android One, so it also uses Google's native camera app. Wide angle is also correct. Grains are not found in the photo from Xiaomi Mi A3. However, photos are not as good in low light. The camera also has a Pro mode, if you are fan of photography then you can use Xiaomi Mi A3. Let me tell you that you will not be disappointed with this Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone camera in terms of this price segment. HDR is also impressive and AI mode has also been given which could have been improved further.

Talking about selfie with this Xiaomi Mi A3, it has a 32 megapixel front camera. I can say, selfie camera is awesome. Better than expected  Pictures do not look artificial and details can be noticed. Photos are clear, sharp, with detail and colorful. In the result, you do not get fake colors in the pictures and this is quite a good thing.

Xiaomi Mi A3 :The battery

The battery of the Xiaomi Mi A3 is more than the backup average. This Xiaomi Mi A3 phone has a 4030 mAh battery. If you use Xiaomi Mi A3 for 1.5 days, you can run it comfortably. Xiaomi Mi A3 backup in mixed use affects. If you listen to heavy gaming, videos, chatting and music, then you will be able to play all day. There is a 10w charger with the Xiaomi Mi A3 phone which will charge more than 25% in half an hour.

Xiaomi Mi A3 : My Opinion

If you want to use stock Android then this Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphone will be best for you. You need a compact phone that can click good photos and selfies, and if you are also good at viewing, then you can buy Xiaomi Mi A3. Don't want bloatware, you want to use Google's service and even if you need new updates even then Xiaomi Mi A3 is good for you.

If you are interested in a great display, do not buy Xiaomi Mi A3. Even if it is a gaming user, it does not belong to that segment.

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