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Latest Technology News: How Can Human brain run from a Computer?

Latest Technology News: How Can Human brain run from a Computer?

How can human brain run from a computer
How can human brain run from a computer

Science-fiction films often show us the Tableau of the future. The Hollywood film Upgrade in 2018 was one such film.

Its main character becomes paralyzed by a bullet in the gray trace neck. A computer chip called stem is attached to the Gray. With its help, Gray can speak his own words, talk to himself. Now guess the story ahead.

The imagination of a human-powered computer chip in 2019 is not just fiction. Efforts are being made in this direction. In 2012, the US government's Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA) has contracted a biomedical engineer named Jennifer Collinger to do similar research.

Under this, chips were put in the minds of some people. One of them was Jane Schumann, a 53-year-old woman. She is Quadriplegic because of a disease, that is, the organs below his neck do not work. Two wires have been attached to the console-like screen of a video game by putting a chip in Jane's brain.

Jane can run a robotic arm with the help of this brain-computer interaction called the brain-computer interface, or BCI. She can express her views. If you want to eat chocolate, Jane can eat it with the help of it. After using the chip for three years, Jane flew a fighter ship very successfully with the help of this computer simulator.

Brain and computer connect without surgery

Brain and computer connect with Surgery
Brain and computer connect with Surgery

DARPA has been investing in such experiments since the 1970s. Now he wants to make the film upgrade a reality. For this, the N3 program has been started, which is called the Next Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology Program.

The aim of this is that without having any brain surgery or placing any cable or chip in it, the brain and computer can be connected and both can hear and understand each other.

The Manager of the N3 program is Al Amondi. He has asked the scientists of 6 big research institutes of America to develop such hardware, which can read the idea of ​​human beings without going inside the brain.

For this, instead of applying a chip, one should be given only a cap or a headphone. This will be the real brain-computer interface.

Amondi has given scientists 4 years to develop such hardware. After which the finished hardware will be experienced on humans.

American entrepreneur Elon Musk is also using this name, which is called Neuralink. However, brain surgery is required to apply the chip under it. After this, there is no need to connect the screen to the cable.

Elon Musk Neuralink
Elon Musk Neuralink

Al Amondi says that one life is not enough to change the world. If the scientist could make such an interface, which would be able to contact the brain without surgery, a huge revolution would come.

Most people will be able to use it, who for some reason cannot move their hands and feet and cannot say what they say. Then they will be able to express the thing going on in their mind through the machine.

Michael Wolmetz of the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab says, "Humans have so far communicated to the world through their bodies. But, if he makes the brain to talk to the outside world in any other way, then it will be a completely new experience."

The American government's organization Darpa Yun is known for research on defense matters. But, it has made many inventions to help humanity.

Internet, Global Positioning Systems and virtual assistants like Siri are the result of Darpa's research. That is why if Darpa is spending a lot of money in developing brain-computer interface, then it is expected to benefit humanity.

Neurological technology market

Elon Musk Neuralink Presentation
Elon Musk Neuralink Presentation

In addition to Elon Musk's Neuralink, many private sector companies are investing in such research. Intel company is also working in this direction.

This is also the reason. Neurological technology market is expected to be more than 13 billion dollars by 2022.

Today, we are exploring the possibility of Brain-computer interface, behind the efforts of eighteenth century scientists. When scientists searched the activities of the brain of animals.

In the 1920s, a scientist named Hans Berger invented the Electroencephalograph, or EEG. With the help of this, the electrical activity occurring inside the human skull above the surface could be captured.

EEG Device
EEG Device

After 50 years of research by Yak Vidal of the University of California, scientists named brain and computer interaction as the brain-computer interface. However, after this, scientists had to wait for advancement in computer technology.

In 2004, a patient's brain was first connected to a computer via a chip. The person was stabbed in the neck, due to which the bottom part of his body was rendered dead. However, with the help of this computer interface, he could play on the computer.

Even after such failures, there are many problems in connecting a human brain and computer equipped with Artificial Intelligence without any wires or chips.

Information cannot be exchanged without piercing the skull. Even if a computer is developed such that it can contact the brain without piercing the skull, then the human brain will be able to communicate with it in a limited way. And maybe it is not accepted by our body.

Very Tough challenge

Tough Challenge
Tough Challenge

To work with computer and brain without surgery, Al Amondi's team is studying many mediums like ultrasound, magnetic field, electric field and electricity.

With the help of which the brain and computer can communicate with each other. The issue is also that there are hundreds of activities going on in our mind at once, it is difficult to sort out the real thing among them.

David Bloodgate of the Applied Physics Lab team at John Hopkins University says, "If you consider a millimeter of space in your mind a few meters in the sea, then you have to guess how many huge piles you have to find a needle." Still we are sure that we will be able to extract workable information.

Under the direction of Amondi, some teams are also working on connecting brains and computers with light surgery. It may be that it is inserted through the throat or through the nose. Any such thing will be equal to human hair.

Another team is also working on inserting something like Nano Transducer ie Transmitter inside the cells with the help of DNA of virus.

If any of these techniques proves to be effective, then with the help of a minor surgery, there will be an attempt to place a chip in the human body, which is in contact with the computer.

Then the next challenge will be the exchange of information between the brain and the computer in less time than blinking. Amondi says that such a technique should be able to complete the work in many times less time than the click of a computer mouse.

The speed of such an interface has to be so fast that it can fly a Drone in the blink of an eye instead of a robotic arm.

Now even if this happens, what will be the language of brain and computer communication? Through words or through pictures? Will the chip maker be able to talk to a friend or pay his phone bill?

Communication of brain and computer
Communication of brain and computer

Scientists say that it will take time for a human to get accustomed to any new interface. If the way of learning it will be complicated then it will be difficult to learn it. For this a semi-automatic machine has to be made, which can activate the computer.

Amondi says, "As Artificial intelligence gets better, it will be easier to communicate between computer and human mind, if a person thinks that he needs a ball, then the robot attached to it will go and take the ball  Will come."

But, the next big question will be who will be in control. Will the brain control the computer or will the computer run the brain?

Research so far says that computers broadly understand the activities of the brain. According to the gestures of the brain, the robot moves in its stated direction, or works.

So, the person communicating with the computer will not have to think whether up, right or left or down. So many gestures will be understood by computer brain movements.

However, the Brain computer interface that is currently in place, the brain has to struggle to run it. However, it is expected that the use of new technology will not be so heavy on the mind.

Brain Computer Interface
Brain Computer Interface

The brain waves are not right for us. In such a big question, if a good person can use the Brain computer interface only by wearing a hat, what will happen?

It is also possible that humans can upgrade themselves with the help of machine. Elon Musk is selling his Neuralink just like that.

Wolmetz says that our Artificial Intelligence is getting better day by day. It is possible that at one time the computer and human being become a weak link in humans. Then a person does not need a computer to compete with the computer.

In the film upgrade, it happens that the computer chip completely overcomes the stem, Gray. Then Gray's mind lives in such a dream world, in which his wife would not have died nor did he feel Paralyzed.

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