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Realme XT Review: "Real" Level of Mid-Range Photography with 64 MP

Realme XT Review: "Real" Level of Mid-Range Photography with 64 MP

Realme XT : First Look
Realme XT : First Look

Since the beginning of this year, Realme has been offering one attractive Smartphone after another under its mid range. The company is not only offering Smartphones but is also doing a much better job of delivering every new Technology to the user first. After launching Realme 5 Pro with 4-rear camera in the Indian market, the company has also recently launched Realme XT, the first Smartphone in the Indian market with 64 megapixels.

Well, the Realme XT presented at a price of ₹ 15999 looks good in terms of design, as well as for the first time it gave you 64 megapixel primary camera, AMOLED display, Snapdragon 700-series chipset, VOOC fast charging and 3D glass at the back of Realme XT. We have been using this Realme XT Smartphone for a long time and especially its 64 megapixel camera is testing whether it proves to be better than the megapixel of the photo despite the use of pixel binning technology? So let's start with a detailed review of Realme XT:

Realme XT : Design and Build

Realme XT : Design
Realme XT : Design 

Looking at Realme XT, one gets a good premium feel. This time Realme has used glass material at the back which further helps Xiaomi to compete as Xiaomi always displayed its polycarbonate glass finish bed as a drawback. Although the phone is not very thin but the weight is still less. The taper on the back side gives it a good grip.

The color of our review unit is of pearl white finish of Realme XT which gives a classic look. At the rear of Realme XT, you see a 64-megapixel camera setup on the top left side. The Realme XT camera setup is a bit raised but it flattens with the case provided. Seeing the need for a protective cover, the company has also launched premiums for the Realme XT priced at ₹ 399.

The site rail of the Realme XT phone is still plastic but it will give you a very metallic feel.  The USB Type C port has been given at the bottom of Realme XT, with speaker on one side and audio jack port on other side.In Realme XT power buttons and volume buttons can be used easily. On the front side of Realme XT, you only see a light bezel at the bottom.

If you do not have any problem with the notch, then you will like the water-drop notch on the top of the display in Realme XT.

Realme XT : display

Realme XT : Display
Realme XT : Display

In Realme, you get a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with water drop notch. This Realme XT display gives you a good white balance with very punchy colors and looks a bit leaning towards the bluetooth. You can easily use the Realme XT display outdoors, but if you try to read the text on very direct sunlight, your eyes will be affected a bit.

Realme are not given any color adjustment option in the Realme XT display settings, but in Realme XT you can adjust the color temperature and set it slightly towards warm tone. A little over saturated cover can be good for video and those users will also like it, who do not mind the color accuracy a bit but it will bother a rehearsal a bit.

Realme XT also features Always-On Mode and DC-Dimming.  Both these features are not on by default but you can see them in the settings as "off screen clock" and "low-brightness flicker free eye care" option. In this you also get the OSIE Vision Effects feature, but it works only on select apps and for now these apps do not know who supports or not. So, neither can we tell the benefit of this nor any shortage.

Realme XT : Biometric Unlock                       

In-display fingerprint sensor works quite well in Realme XT. It is fast and accurate. You also get to see different animations in the unlock process of the Realme XT phone.

Face Unlock is also very fast in Realme XT. Apart from this, you have also given the option to use both fingerprint sensor and face unlock simultaneously, which means that the one who will unlock the Realme XT phone soon, the process will be quick.

Realme XT : Performance and Software

Realme XT
Realme XT 

The Realme XT with Snapdragon 712 chipset is a powerful performer. The performance of the Realme XT device is very similar to that of Realme 5 Pro which was launched only last month. This device proves to be a good phone for high-end games like PUBG, besides daily use and multi-tasking are also found here.

This new Snapdragon 712 chipset in Realme XT mainly gives you 10% extra performance improvement as compared to Snapdragon 710. It will give you even better performance when you introduce Realme XT 730 with Snapdragon 730G chipset at the event itself.

The Snapdragon 712 offers you up to 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and up to 128GB of UFS 2.1 storage, along with a dedicated card slot.

For now, Color OS software has been given to you in Realme XT but it is expected that it can be upgraded with Realme OS in the coming time. Color OS is also a very good feature software that is perfect for users who do not mind the custom skin.

If you look positive, then you have been given DRM L1 certificate in Realme XT, that is, you can stream content in HD quality on Netflix, Prime Video.

Realme XT : Camera

Realme XT : Camera
Realme XT : Camera

Let's talk about the star player of this Realme XT phone, the quad camera setup with its 64 mega-pixel primary camera sensor. There is a lot of talk in the market about this Samsung GW1 sensor. Both Realme and Xiaomi are competing heavily for 64 megapixels. So let's see if the megapixels discussed in the market are so true or just marketing stunts.

First of all, it is important to clarify that the 64-megapixel sensor also works on the technology of the 48-megapixel sensor.  Here too, with the help of Pixel Binning Technology, you get a high-quality 16 megapixel image with a 4-in-1 pixel concept.

The reason for the image improvements seen in 48MP camera phones is:

  1. The software divides the sensor into 2, giving 2 different exposure images with better dynamic range output.
  2. When 4 pixels give a color information, the noise is also less.
  3. Large size of sensor also helps a lot.

But when we transfer from 48MP to 64MP, we only get the resolution bigger and nothing else, if you put marketing in the side then you get much less better output than 48MP.

Realme XT gives you very good details in adequate lighting. Colors can be said to be slightly over-saturated.

Realme XT can easily focus on close-objects. The Realme XT phone also has a 2MP dedicated macro lens.

The 16 mega-pixel image results look much better, but you are also given the option to click the image in 64MP full-resolution.

In Realme XT with the 32MP front camera, you can click a very attractive selfie. Overall, the camera performance of Realme XT can be said to be much better according to this price, but the output of 64MP was not able to affect us much in the output.

Realme XT : Battery & Audio

In Realme XT, you have been given a large battery of 4,000mAh which is capable of giving you a long backup. With VOOC fast charging support, the Realme XT device is fully charged in about 1.5 hours. According to Realme, this Realme XT device gets 43% charge in one hour even while playing PUBG.

The audio output from the loudspeaker is good but not too sharp. Output from headphones can be called much better than this price share.

Realme XT : What Do I Get in box?

Realme XT : Unbox
Realme XT : Unbox

 Reality XT is found in the box:

  •  Handset
  •  20W VOOC Fast Charger
  •  USB Type-C Cable
  •  Sim ejector tool
  •  Protective case
  •  Pre Installed screen protector
  •  Documentation

Realme XT : Conclusion

Realme XT can not be called a perfect Smartphone but can also ignore some shortcomings in this price. In the Realme XT Smartphone, you get a great camera setup of this price with premium design, AMOLED display, better chipset. The software is a bit downside, but the company is working to upgrade it to a better OS.

So should you wait for Realme XT 730G?  So if you need gaming very much then you can wait. Apart from gaming, you will get the same experience and only with the chipset you will get a higher price.

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