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The Wat Samfran Temple in Bangkok is a 17-story, pink tower surrounded by a giant dragon.

The temple is located in the Samparan district, 40 kilometers west of Bangkok.  This uniquely built Watt Buddhist temple has a giant golden Buddha statue and a few other temples and smaller statues.

                      Wat Samfran temple

But one of the things about this temple that will immediately thrill your heart is the huge dragon wrapped around this temple.  But the dragon is empty inside and it has become a tourist hotspot,

 The interior of this temple is a bit shaky but full of dazzling idols and temples.  However, most areas of the temple are closed to the public.

Guitar hotel
Guitar hotel

Guitar Hotel 638 comes with luxurious guestrooms and suites.  Complete with guitar faces and brightly lit strings, but designed from the back to create the harmony of the guitar, this engineering masterpiece reaches 450 feet into the sky, decorated with ceiling glass pans from the floor.  Sun-filled and sunset-filled South Florida is proud of the sky, the guitar hotel that redefines the South Florida skyline.

Brands of orchestrated outdoor music and light shows, which show LED lights built around the Guitar Hotel. The lights are programmed to change color and intensity, and many types of songs are choreographed.  Six high-powered beams of light intensify production by projecting at least 20,000 feet into the sky.  Six lamps that mimic an imaginary guitar house.

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