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 la statue in china 

A statue of a Chinese deity has just been unveiled at Guan Yu Park in Jingzhou.  It is 58 meters (190 feet) long and weighs more than 1,320 tons, and has more than 4,000 bronze strips.  It was designed by Hin Melin, a Chinese artist who is probably best known for his designs for the mascots of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the monument is so large that it even houses a 8,000-square-meter museum!

Guan Yu lived in the turbulent Three Kingdom Period of China.  He carried an ax-like weapon called the Green Dragon Crescent Blade, which has become immortal with him as part of the idol.  The only difference is that the weapon now weighs 136 tons!  Although Guan Yu is commonly known as the War God for the West, Chinese mythical stories celebrate the full qualities of his brotherhood and allegiance, keeping a small temple dedicated to him for a family and celebrating the resemblance to Guan Yu which is very common.

This list of the tallest statues includes finished statues at least 30 meters (98 feet) long, which was assumed to be the height of the Collas of the Road.  The height values ​​in this list are measured in the highest part of the human (or animal) figure but exclude the height of any foot (plinth), or other base platform as well as any mast, spire or other structure that extends higher to the longest of the monuments.

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