Dragon and Tiger temple

Keyahsfung, in Zuoying District, a popular tourist destination on the east side of the artificial lake.  Opened in 1951, it is a lotus tree on the lake which is famous for its many temples around the lake,

 The old Confucius Temple was originally built in 1684 and is 122 meters in circumference. However, due to lack of maintenance, the only part of the main structure during the Japanese colonial period was the Chong Sheng Temple, now on the west side of the ancient City Elementary School near Lotus Pond.  The new Confucius Temple is located in the northwest corner of Lotus Pond;  Subsequently, it was relocated and rebuilt in 1977, located on the north bank of the Lotus Pond.

                  Tiger and dragon

 The Dragon's Tiger Pogoda Tower has a story height of 7, and is built to stand on the lake. The front of the building has statues of dragons and tigers, respectively.  Visitors will enter the bug with the corpses of the idols in the face of the dragon and come out through the mouth of the tiger is considered auspicious.


 Each family hangs radishes for commemorative services.  Sacrifices on the table like radishes, animal sacrifices, gluttonous rice husks and fruits for the sacrifice of gods or ancestors.  Either was built in 1719, moved to Xuing in 1960 to worship Baong Dadi, the marshal of the Black Bug, and various deities that were reformed;

 The patronage of the local residents turned into an endless stream of pilgrims.  In 1974, Baosheng allowed Grandma Dragon and Tiger Pagodas to be built.  The Juying Dragon and Tiger Pagodas have become one of the most famous landmarks since its completion.

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