The Motherland Calls Russia


The Motherland Calls Russia

Announced the world's tallest statue in 1967.  At 85 meters (279 feet) it is one of the longest in Europe

 The statue, however, is a metaphor for the motherland, inviting her son and daughter to subdue the enemy and return to attack.

Tassar, on the other hand, spreads his right-handed sword to the right and his left hand in a gesturing gesture.

 Due to Motherland from a mechanics point of view

 Too complicated.  However, behind this hollow statue has been under construction based on a mixture of technical materials

 The walls are 25 to 30 centimeters (9.8-11.8 inches) thick.

 Construction of the memorial began in May 1959 and was completed on October 15, 1967.  It was the longest sculpture in the world at the time of its construction.  Memorial Compound The restoration of the original memorial took place in 1972 at night

The sculpture is illuminated by floodlights.  It was specially illuminated as part of a light show called "The Light of the Great Victory" on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary against Nazi Germany.

 When the monument was dedicated in 1967 it was the tallest statue in the world, measuring 85 meters (279 feet) from the tip of its sword at the top.  The plinth measures a further 2 meters (6.6 feet) and with a depth of 16 meters (52 feet).  Concrete foundations are laid.

 The figure measures 52 meters (171 feet), and the sword 33 meters (108 feet).  Weighing in at 8,000 tons (8,800 short tons), the statue features 5,500 tons (6,100 short tons) of concrete, 2,400 tons (2,600 short tons) of metal structures, and the sword weighs 14 tons (15 short tons).  The rigidity of the frame supports 99 metallic cables in constant tension.

In 2017, a restoration work on the monument began at a cost of two billion rubles (,000 35,000,000).  The inner ropes of the statue were replaced to ensure stability, the interior and all formed cracks were repaired and the 6,000 AM 2 (65,000 sq ft) concrete surface was restored.  Reconstruction of the statue was completed by April 2020.

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